Tuesday, April 04, 2006


When I went for my blood draw yesterday the nurse and I were joking about how my number was probably going to be almost there but not quite. The gods must have heard us: my number was 11. Exactly half of last week's 22. I feel like all the signs are there for me to ovulate soon. I'm not going to do OPKs but I am temping. My temp took a nosedive yesterday which in the past has been a sign of impending ovulation for me. So now I'm just waiting for a call from the OB to see whether I need to go get stuck again next week. It's not like it's a huge deal but it does serve as a constant reminder of what once was. I'd really just like to get over that and move on with things, if only my body would let me.


Lorem ipsum said...

It's about f'ing time. I hope this is IT. You've been through too much for too long.

Josefina said...

Hang on there K!! You're almost there, almost!!!!