Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thanks (and E: I'm sorry)

Thanks to everyone who sent me well-wishes. They mean a lot to me. My Dad has an appointment next Monday with a lung specialist so hopefully we'll know more then. His appointment is about the same time as my HSG. I had a whole 5 minute appt today with the OB's nurse to do the mountain of paperwork for this thing. At least that's how she made it sound. I had to sign one form and then she read me the pamphlet on what an HSG is. Whopdedoo. She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic as a precaution.

I have to say that I have the most wonderful husband on the planet. This week he found himself on a 4 hour sit in Minni. Okay, for the non-pilot types: He had 4 hours between flights in the Minneapolis airport. He called me up and said he couldn't stand sitting in the crew lounge that long so he was on the train to go to the Mall of America. If any of you reading this know my J, you'll be falling off your chair laughing. My hubby does not like to shop and having him go to any store that doesn't sell chocolate or computer games is like pulling teeth. But he went to the Mall of America to kill some time. He asked if there was anything I wanted. I just happened to know that one of my favorite scrapbook stores is there and it's a huge one, as befits a store in that mall. He asked what I wanted and all I could think to give him to go one was that I like stamping. So he went in and braved "20 women all staring at me" and bought me a set of stamps that I've actually eyed a couple of times. The gift didn't exactly have the element of being a huge surprise, but it was a welcome gift.

I want to take this space to issue a "public" apology to my friend E. It seems that I gave E the address to this blog and then forgot that I had done so. Then I posted an entry when I was in one of my "moods" that wasn't very complementary to her and she was hurt by it. So E, I'm sorry.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. I'm off to watch a movie. Either "Irresistable" or "Doctor Dolittle 3". I'll let you know.

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