Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Chillin'

I'm feeling rather compelled to make an entry here lest blogland think I've up and died or something. Everything on the TTC front is nominal. I'm halfway through the luteal phase and hopefully next Monday I'll be calling to schedule my HSG. I was looking back at all my charts on FF (all 14 of them!) and realized that not once have I temped through an entire non-pregnancy luteal phase. Well, not entirely true: my very first chart I did but I got a cold/sinus infection halfway through so my temps were skewed. And my second chart was a pregnancy one. So it's been interesting to watch my temps.

In other news I have been hunkering down and getting on with my scrapbooking. Every month I do the previous month's pictures. I got snap-happy in March and took a ton of them. Usually I just do 2 pages for a month; this time I had to do 4. And I still have some more that I'd like to put somewhere. Yesterday I visited my SIL for Easter and the best part of the day was getting some awesome shots of G playing in the back yard. I'm already designing the layout for that day in my head! Plus I am trying to make a neat memory book for my Mom for Mother's Day. Last night I went and found all the photos I have of us together. Precious few: I came up with a grand total of 10. It made me realize that I really need to be more proactive on taking pictures of G and I together.

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Josefina said...

I think pictures are the best memories one can treasure. My family has something like a 30 albums and it's really cool to look at them every now and then, so keep taking pictures of your family!!!!