Friday, April 14, 2006


This is definitely not a "ducky" kind of day. The weather outside is beautiful. There is a gorgeous bluebird sitting on the tree outside my window. AND FF finally put crosshairs on my chart! I'm pretty certain I'm 3dpo. Which should put my HSG the first week of May. Right at this moment I'm feeling very upbeat and confident that the HSG isn't going to show any problems and that we'll be able to start trying again soon after. Plus get all the benefits of increased fertility after both the miscarriage and the HSG. We'll see.

I went shopping and bought a phone yesterday; a Samsung A920. It's a multimedia phone that plays video and music. Plus I have a Bluetooth headset for it. I feel so trendy!

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Josefina said...

I'm glad you're feeling good today!!!! Hope you continue to feel that way...
And congrats on your new phone, specially the bluetooth, that's something I would like to have!!