Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Just got my results back from Monday: I'm finally down to 3! Last year, it took me 45 days after my D&C to get from almost 200,000 down to 8. This time it took the same amount of time to get from less than 6000 to 3. Go figure.

Yesterday I was having what felt like ovulation pains and my temp was up this morning. I'm not believing it though as my body has faked me out more than once in this journey.

I spent my afternoon today researching cell phones. Last year on the day between the Ultrasound of Death and my D&C, we walked into a Sprint store and I picked out a new phone to replace my ailing one. I ended up with an LG phone which has been an okay phone but I'm ready for a new one. I decided this time I would do some research. I've settled on one but I don't know if I'm ready to fork out the money for it. We get a hugely great deal with Sprint and we've been on the same plan for about 4 years now. We pay about $75 a month for 2 phones and basically unlimited talk time (I've never, ever payed for extra minutes and we don't have a land line so this is our primary means of communication) and that includes web access and unlimited text messaging. So as long as that plan is still available to us, going with a new plan is just not an option. Which means I can't take advantage of the great deals if you sign up with a new line of service. At any rate, I may go shopping tomorrow. You know - just to look.

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