Friday, February 24, 2006

Picking Up

Yours truly, checking in from limbo-land. Only I think I'm getting closer to getting out of it. I've had mild cramps off and on all day and a couple times more than mild. I've also started getting a bit more than spotting - almost a light period-type flow. I've also been somewhat nauseous all day which I've read often accompanies a m/c. So I'm hoping that things will get started and maybe by Monday we can just do an ultrasound to confirm that everything is over and I can talk to the OB about the next steps. Of course, nothing about this baby-making business has gone as I have envisioned it so I guess I will just wait and see what happens.

Tomorrow is G's second birthday party. My inlaws are here from out of town. We should have about 25 people over here tomorrow. Thankfully, only one other toddler and an infant. I am about to make a grocery store run to get drinks and chips and we'll be all ready for the party. I'm looking forward to it to take my mind off things.

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