Thursday, February 02, 2006


Today when I started working out on the elliptical running machine I realized that I was already starting to feel slight cramping. So I backed off that and went to the bike. No cramps! Tonight I started feeling crampy while running around with the Little Miss. I guess my body is just telling me to take it easy. Strange, I don't remember that starting this early before!

I'm still waiting for the tiredness to set in. I have just the opposite at night now: insomnia. I was laying awake last night and I thought of a funny incident from my first pregnancy that I thought I'd share.

I was a good 6, maybe 7 months pregnant with the Little Miss and I started having tremendous backaches. I don't know how much weight I had gained at that point, but I just chalked it up to the extra weight. I tried everything to alleviate it. One morning I went to work and my coworker/cube-mate said how terrible I looked. I told her that I just couldn't sleep lately because my back would be hurting so bad at night. Although, it was weird: it felt best first thing in the morning and by evening I'd be in bad pain. I told her how I'd tried everything from different beds to sleeping in the chair and I was coming to the conclusion that it wasn't the bed. She looked at me a little quizzically, then asked me exactly where I was hurting. I pointed to the spots. I have never heard someone laugh that long, that loud. She literally had tears coming out of her eyes. It was a good 5 minutes before she could even talk. When she finally could say something, this is what she said: "you don't need a new bed, you need a BRA".

Yes, I confess, I had not worn a bra at that point since early college. When I figured out that only the well-endowed girls actually needed to wear the hated contraption. I have never liked anything around my chest and I always felt like I needed to pull it down. I had even gone and gotten one custom fitted. Hated it. So it never, ever occurred to little ole flat-chested me that I might actually have something to be held up by one of those things.

I went that evening and bought one and have been pain-free ever since.

I think that story came back to me because I am already starting to feel the same twinges of back pain and I suspect I will have to pull it out even earlier in this pregnancy. What a pain in the *ss. Or should I say bust.

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