Saturday, February 04, 2006


J left Friday a week ago for a ski vacation with some friends. He worked a 5 day trip before leaving, so it's been quite a while since we've seen him. I've been very proud of myself: all week I have not once asked him when he plans to come home. Nor have I given him a hard time about all the bills for ski rentals and lift tickets. I didn't even berate him for dropping $150 on a radio controlled helicopter like his friend P in Utah has. I've been so good. So this was our conversation last night:

Me: So when do you think you might come home?

Him: Well, M and G leave tomorrow afternoon.

Me: Oh, that's good.

Him: But I thought I might spend another couple days with P since I didn't get to see him very much this week.

Me: [ dead silence ]

Him: Is that okay?

Me: Sure honey. Love you too. Bye. [ click ]

Hmmmm.... so he calls me this morning and says his flight will be in around 9:30 tonight. Guess he got the message.

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