Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nothing is Ever Straightforward

Finally got a call from my OB. Truly, I was expecting my numbers to go down but instead they have gone up. Not by much but they did go up. Monday they were 4975 and Wednesday they were 5693. One internet chart I found said that HCG levels below 6000 should double every 96 hours. It also calculates my doubling time as 247 hours. So I am still not much hopeful. Although I find it impossible not to quell some bit of rising hope.

My OB is still not ruling anything out. Given that I am no longer cramping and that my spotting is still there and red but not increasing, she said she really can't rule out a viable pregnancy based on the information we have. I think she is still operating under the assumption that my dates might be off but given that I had an early positive test at 12DPO, I just can't agree with her.

So, all is on hold until the next ultrasound Monday afternoon. In the meantime I am going to put off my desire to open a bottle of wine and down it in one sitting. Even if this did turn out to be a viable pregnancy though, my concern would be that my numbers are just so low and slow to rise. There are so many implications in that fact and so much soul-searching that would have to be done. I so do not want to be on the road I am on at the moment.


Josefina said...

I got to your blog by chance, and I have to say I've read it almost completely.
I'm from Chile (so probably you won't be able to understand my blog, because it's in spanish...or "chilean", full of slang!!), 27 years old and married for a little more than 1 year.
Last year, after 4 months, I got pregnant but lost it when I was just 5 weeks (I'm pretty regular so I made a pregnancy test on my first "no-rule" day). It was pretty sad, because with my husband we were so excited about it. Then we tried a couple months more but then I found another job and stopped our "campaign" for some months. Now we are starting again and beleive me, I really understand a lot of the feelings you have, I get pretty anxious too, although I know it's worse to be anxious but I can't help myself.
For me pregnancy is really something almost like a miracle, I can't understand (and also envy a little) how is it that my friends just "get pregnant" after just 1 one time they got "risky"...and they don't have miscarriages, or spotting or anything...
But I hope both you and I can finally have our so-wanted babies.
All my best hopes for you and please feel free to be angry with the world sometimes!! I support you!!!
pd: sorry for all my "gramatic faults", being english just my second language (and not being able to practice a lot), I make a lot of mistakes.

Lorem ipsum said...

What a nightmare. Sending kind thoughts your way.