Monday, February 13, 2006

Making Appointments

So, I called up my midwife's office this afternoon to make my first appointment. Here's how part of the conversation went with Shirley:

Shirley: How many pregnancies does this make for you?

Me: This is my third

Shirley: So you have 2 children?

Me: Uh..., no, just one

Shirley: So you had a miscarriage?

Duhhhh.... Hello Shirley. You're not a young chit who still thinks everything works out okay every time. You're old enough to know better. Old enough to know that sooner or later there's going to be someone on the other end of the phone whose pregnancies and living children just don't equal out.

At least she didn't get down to details like was the miscarriage before or after my living child. I'll take credit for myself though: I was very direct but not rude in my answer. I said that yes, miscarriages being more common than not, I had had a miscarriage. I would have liked to have told her off but I hope to use this midwife and I know I'll be encountering Shirley for the next 8 months or so. I'll try to remember to be at least civil to her.

At any rate, I have an appointment for next Thursday morning. I'm very excited. I'll be 7.5 weeks by my ovulation date and 8 weeks by my LMP. I hope to get her to schedule a scan around 11 weeks. Being a midwife, I'm not sure how routinely they do early scans but I've decided I want one after I've passed the point where I miscarried before. I don't know how much it will ease my mind but I hope it will go a long way to making me more at ease with this pregnancy.

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