Monday, February 27, 2006

Appointment and Final Ultrasound

I went in for my appointment today. Doc did an ultrasound and she says it looks like everything has passed. The plan is to do weekly betas and follow my levels down to 0. Then, as soon as they are down to 0 and I get the next period, we'll schedule the HSG. If everything looks clear on that, we'll be given the green light to start trying again. My hormone levels after the D&C took an unusually long time to get back to 0; 35 days after the D&C my levels were still hovering at 30. So I am really curious and quite anxious to see how long it will take this time. Of course, last year, my hormone levels were coming down from almost 200,000 whereas now I only have to get down from just under 6000. I had my blood draw today so hopefully I'll be able to go get the results tomorrow.

The only other news of note was my progesterone levels. I had my blood draw at 8dpo of this cycle and my level was 9.3. She said she'd like to see 10. Was it low because it was already a doomed pregnancy? Or was it a doomed pregnancy because it was low? Who knows. At any rate, she said we'd try supplements next time. I'm sure after the HSG we'll discuss those details. She also said we'd do a lot more monitoring. She tried to sound very upbeat and positive which I was glad of. I made it through the appointment just fine and didn't lose it till the lady at the hospital tried to take my blood and messed up the first time. She was nice and tried to be comforting but I just wanted to be out of there. For the rest of my blood draws I hope to be able to get my SIL's nurse to do them because she can always get me on the first try with very little pain.

I'm not really sure how I feel right now. Relieved that the m/c seems to be over and I hopefully won't have to do another D&C. Anxious for my levels to drop. Looking forward to what the HSG might show. Lots of emotions. I'm sure I'll work through them all in the coming weeks. Thanks for everyone's nice comments and supports. It is so important to know that one is not alone. Even though I have a good support system of friends and family, a simple comment from someone who's been there means so much.


Lorem ipsum said...

Progesterone is tricky. It's unknown still whether low levels cause loss or if loss causes low levels. I'm on progesterone too, and it's not fun. (Mine was 11.5 a month after my first loss, and although that's supposedly normal it's way on the low end.) But we do what it takes, because maybe one day we'll get it right.

Josefina said...

On one side, I'm really sorry to hear that definitively there's no baby, but on the other side, I'm glad finally you got out of that uncertainty. I've become to the conclusion that uncertainty is one of the worst sensations/feelings one can have. Apart from the unsecure feeling you have, there's this constant fight with ourselves between hope/anger/dissapointment/calm/hope again and so on...
So that's why I tell you that on one side I'm glad that you can finally eliminate that uncertainty, but of course, I would have preferred a thousand times that for some unknown reason everything had been fine.
Anyway, as I told you the other day, everything happens for a reason, some day maybe you will understand...and I'm totally sure that as you said, 3rd time is the one (I don't remember how that phrase goes in english, in spanish it's something like: 3rd time is the beaten). Best wishes and hope to hear good news asap!!!