Thursday, February 16, 2006


My Mom called last night. They were supposed to be coming up here next week for G's second birthday. My Mom does not fly (she's always hated it but finally threw in the towel after 9/11) so they decided not to drive next week because of the weather. Well, that was the real reason but she threw in a couple other excuses for good measure. My favorite of the bunch was "We have to sell our old refrigerator. It's sitting out in the garage right now". I just wanted to archive that in blogland. My Mom actually used that as an excuse for not coming to see us. Oh well. Whatever. But it gets worse. She picked March 16 to come instead. That will be the first anniversary of The Ultrasound. She asked if that would work and I couldn't come up with any honest excuse why it wouldn't. Except maybe that I've got this huge stack of stuff that needs carting off to Goodwill. She doesn't know any of the dates involved in my miscarriage. I didn't tell my parents about it until a couple months after the fact. I wasn't going to tell them at all but in the end I decided it was a small circle that I needed to close. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I think perhaps it's a good thing they'll be here. Dealing with my mother always takes my mind off more important matters.

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