Sunday, January 01, 2006

When Ends Don't Meet

My annual New Year's Day activity is doing my financial forecasting for the new year. I was almost an accounting major in college, so I actually find it rather fun to push around numbers. It's getting less and less fun though. Long before we decided to have kids, I started stashing away money. I did not want to be in a situation here I had to work after having a baby. And I'll tell you, quitting my job was the best thing I ever did for myself! We've been really fortunate financially and have been able to do a lot of things like buy a house and fix it up. But reality is starting to set in. On our present course, we'll run into dry land in just 3 years. Which wouldn't be so frightening to me if I had already had #2 according to plan. Now I'm faced with the possibility of having an only child for purely financial reasons.

There are, of course, areas where we could cut. But they are nickel and dime type things that might buy us a few months, but not years. There is, however, one large line item in our budget and that deals with J's airplane. Now, this is sacred ground. I have never even ventured to ask him to get rid of it although it's becoming more and more obvious that we can't really afford it. Years ago, we knew a couple that sold their airplane to pay for IVF (they now have beautiful twins). I remember J's reaction; it wasn't quite positive....

This doesn't really start the new year out on the best of notes. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately!) J is out on a 5 day trip and won't be back till Friday. So I have until then to either A. rob a bank or B. rehearse our conversation in my mind 50,000 times and figure out a way to put it so that it's his idea to sell the plane.

I'm thinking option A is looking pretty good right now.

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Lorem ipsum said...

I'm in your position exactly. I was sure I'd be a SAHM but after losing my job (and no baby) we found that we couldn't quite cut it on one income. So now I have a new job starting in a few days and plan to go the daycare route to keep the income going and try to forgive myself.