Friday, January 27, 2006

Still More!

I can't believe I've posted so much today! But I don't really have anyone to talk to who would understand what I'm going through right now so it's easier to just write it out. It's probably a good thing that J left early this morning for a week long ski vacation - that way he's not around to tell me not to obsess.

I'm having pretty constant cramping this evening but I don't rule anything out based on that because (after reviewing my old charts) I had the same thing with the Little Miss right before AF was due. Tonight after supper I got a little nauseous and that lasted several hours. Here's the really weird thing and this is probably way TMI but here goes.... The last 3 or 4 times I've peed tonight it has smelled weird, almost like coffee. Yes, coffee. Now, if I drink a cup of coffee, I will have coffee-smelling urine a time or two. But I haven't had any coffee for several weeks.

So, those are all my symptoms. It's now time to stop obsessing for the night and go to bed so I can lie awake and count the hours until I can take another test. By god, there sure as hell better be two lines on that damn thing.

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