Tuesday, January 03, 2006


There was a slew of new people at the Y today. I suppose they'll be around for a couple of weeks, then they'll disappear. News Years Resolutions - gotta love them.

I came across this article while surfing tonight: a new take on resolutions.

Basically the author advocates having two types of resolutions:
  1. First are the "New Moon" resolutions. This is anything you resolve to do from one new moon to the other, so basically a month. You can theoretically form a habit in 21 days.
  2. Second are the year-long resolutions. The author says these must be fun and exciting in order to make up for all the other practical resolutions you'll make all year long. Each year I resolve to do one wonderful thing for myself each week.
I really like this take on resolutions. It makes the hard stuff fit into a much tighter time frame than a whole year. And who doesn't need to do something special for themselves each week. As a busy mother, though, I'm thinking it might be easier to accomplish those new moon resolutions than making myself take some me-time every single week. I think I might have to work on that!

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