Friday, January 13, 2006

I Was doing just fine thank you

We went to the eye doctor this morning for our annual checkup. J narrowly missed getting bifocals but he'll probably need them by next year.

I like our eye doctor. He's a nice young guy (30 is young these days, trust me). Not too long out of school so he's got the latest training. Seems competent. Pretty good "bedside" manner if you will. Well, okay, he could probably work on that last one.

I remember from last year that his wife was just about to have their second child; a boy after the girl. He was just beaming and you could tell he was so excited. Our conversations focused on kids since his daughter is just 6 months older than the Little Miss.

Can you tell where this is going?

J goes in first. Then I go in. His first question was "Well, I couldn't get it out of J. Are you guys working on any more kids? Don't you want to have a sibbling for G?".

Now, I've always been terrible at deflecting direct questions such as this. I can never think of anything to say other than the obvious truth. "Yeah, I desparately want another one but after one loss we don't seem to be having any luck".

I thought that would make him uncomfortable enough to change the subject but no luck. He then insisted on telling me how they lost 2 before their daughter and how women must feel it worse than men blah blah blah blah blah blah ad naseum. The worst was when he told me the key for him to getting over the losses.

You'll have more kids in heaven.

Please let me go to hell right now.

At that point I just very obviously changed the subject to politics (something I NEVER discuss but it seemed safer than the previous subject). I haven't allowed myself a good cry yet but I feel one coming on. But, not all is bad on this Friday the 13th and I took a little bit of heart to see that Lauralu's little z has a nice strong heartbeat. Sometimes things do go right.

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Lorem ipsum said...

I think the all-time favorite(?) was the woman who told me, 'You didn't lose them, God took them. The time wasn't right.' Okay, maybe the last part is true, but what's with suggesting I wasn't qualified yet? I'm not asking for a promotion, for crying out loud.

And besides, why the hell was an eye doctor asking such personal questions? Better to talk about the weather or sports or the latest fashions in eyewear.