Sunday, January 29, 2006

Still Here!

Well, I'm happy to report passing a full day with NO RED! The cramps have subsided but no real symptoms have set in yet. One day at a time.

I told J last night and he is happy in his own way. He's a very introspective person and just doesn't say much. But I know he's happy. He said that it was no surprise, that he expected it. I guess he's just got that "guy" complex that he finally got his act together and made things happen so of course it worked. I'm letting him believe whatever makes him happy for now.

I went to church and prayed last night. I think I've come a long way spiritually since I started this blog. But it's hard for me right now to not feel like some petulant child who's finally gotten her way and decides she'll talk to God now.

The thing I am dreading now is when I start to pee like crazy. Going to the bathroom requires so much emotional preparation for The Toilet Paper Inspection (TPI?!!!). It's exhausting in and of itself.

I told my SIL the news last night because she is the one who will manage my thyroid medicine. She gave me the semi-bad news that the midwife I had hoped to use is pregnant. So I will give her a ring tomorrow and she if she'll be back in practice by September or October. There is only one other midwife in the practice. I don't like her as well as the other one but I would go to her. I just can't imagine that she would continue in the practice by herself, seeing as she has 5 kids at home. There's only one OB office here in town and, although I would really like to deliver at the small hospital here (for convenience if nothing else), I would have to find out the policy of who actually delivers you - if it's just the person on call or the OB that you go to. There are 4 male doctors all somewhat older and then there's the female doc that I went to a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't mind having her deliver me but I wouldn't want any of the men. My third option is to go back to the midwives who delivered the Little Miss, although that would involve a 30 minute drive for appointments and an hour to the hospital. I'm not real wild about any of my options at this point, so it's a good thing I'm taking it one day at a time!!!

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