Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sicker Than Crap

I've survived 2 nites of "sleeping" in the chair in an upright position. I've got the sinus stuff going on. If I so much as think about lying down my whole head and both my ears stop completely up. I have not yet figured out how to put the Little Miss into a comatose state whilst I recover from this. To compound matters, there is very little I can take. Benadryl was on the approved list but didn't help at all. Robitussin helped my cough and Tylenol helps the fever. How I long for a couple of Nyquil and a large glass of wine. Only 9 days until I can test.

I called yesterday to try and schedule my HSG but I guess she didn't trust my knowledge of my cycles enough. She said to call back on the first day of my period and we'll schedule it then. Which is a good thing as J will have his February schedule by then.

I can't believe I just remembered this: today is the approximate day that we conceived the baby I lost. I thought it would be a hard anniversary but I guess I can thank being sick for not really remembering it.

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