Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fall is Gone

One of next year's resolutions? Rake the leaves before the snow comes!

Our neighbor next door is absolutely asinine about his yard. The minute a storm is over he will be out there picking up sticks. As soon as the leaves start falling, he is out there every single day raking them up.

Figuring I can never compete with him, I take a more lackadaisical approach to the yard. Mainly, I let all the leaves get done falling before bothing to rake any of them up. Last year this worked pretty good, probably because they fell early and I had time to get them raked before the wet weather set in. This year was not the case. So we started yesterday raking up wet, rotting piles of leaves and dragging them on a tarp to the curb for pickup. Let me tell you: wet leaves are HEAVY! I haven't been able to get to the Y the last 2 days but I certainly made up for it with this project.

The worst part of it is that I can't even enjoy my leaf-free lawn because now it's covered in snow.

Well, Aunt Flo is on her way out. We have a narrow window of opportunity this month. I decided not to temp or OPK. I have 4 months of temperature charts that show I've been ovulating. I'm doing my research to find a good specialist. I haven't written December off but I'm not going to obsess about it. Last month I tried soy and a slew of vitamins and robitussin. I'm continuing to take Vitamin C and the aspirin but that's it. I was hoping to speed up ovulation with the soy (no go) and lengthen my luteal phase with the vitamins (also a no go). As for the tussin, I don't know about that..... Ever since the D&C, I've had a constant, steady supply of fertile CM. I mean as in every day I have it, all cycle long. This cycle was somewhat less and I don't know what caused that. It might just be a situation that's correcting itself on its own. At any rate, I'm keeping it simple and low key this month. My biggest challenge will be to convince J to skip a ski trip at The Time. He said he might if I make it worth his while. Guess I'll have to go ponder how to do that ;->

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