Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blades and Breaks

Well, today has been quite an interesting day. My problems actually started on Thanksgiving night: it was cold and had been snowing most of the day. We got in the car to leave the in-laws and the windshield was iced over. Now, being the Texan that I am, it seems silly to me to get out of a warm car (warm being relative there: it was a degree or two warmer in the car than outside in the wind) and unstick a windshield wiper blade when you've got a perfectly good little motor there for that. Note to self: get out of the car next time! A little voice was telling me that no good would come of waiting for the blade to unstick itself. You guessed it: I burnt the motor out.

No way am I 'fessing up to J about this. I just told him that the blade didn't move and I would take it in to get it looked at. He didn't say much; he's not stupid of course.

So this morning the Little Miss and I get up early for our appointment. Of course this was the morning that she wanted to go barefoot, diaperless, hatless, and coatless. Once I had all those things on her plus some clothes, we finally made it to the car with 15 minutes to get to a place that's 30 minutes away. Somehow we made it in 20 minutes.

The lady there said it would take about an hour if they had to do one thing and maybe two if they had to do another. I told her we'd be waiting and she said she'd try to hurry them up. About 30 minutes later, she comes and tells me that I have to have the two hour treatment. Well, I guess I had it coming! So I tried my best to entertain the Little Miss and tune out Mr. GW's speech on the TV that some ladies were deeply interested in. They kept giving us the evil eye whenever the noise level got too loud (ie, above a whisper).

Finally after we'd been there about an hour, the lady came back but I could tell it was bad news. Seems that in the process of doing something to the wiper blade, they managed to BREAK MY WINDSHIELD! How the heck do you break a windshield with a wiper blade? I feel so secure now knowing how protected I am in the event of an accident. Anyway, to give the place credit, they had a rental car on the way that I have for 24 hours. So now I just have to figure out when to go back and get my car.

So that was our day. Next time I can assure you that I will get out of the car and unstick the wiper blade!


Lorem ipsum said...

Actually, a guy from my local dealership once told me how to change the blades. (I went to Target and then didn't know how to do it, so I called and the guy talked me through it.) He did warn me that they get plenty of broken windshields because when you go to put the blades on it can snap back and hit the glass. So unfortunately, it's not unusual, even for the pros. I'm glad they're making it right in the meantime.

Lorem ipsum said...

I meant they see customers with broken windshields, but come to think of it it's not unheard of for them to do it, too.