Monday, November 14, 2005

Mom From Hell

Okay, she's not really the Mom from hell. She just seems like it sometimes. I am speaking of my own, by the way. I have heard it said that what you most dislike in other people is what you secretely most dislike about yourself. Or something like that. At any rate, if I have the qualities that I hate in my own mother, I am doomed.

So I talked to her last night and I don't think a conversation could have gotten any more depressing. She's worried about her brother who is in the midst of another divorce. Number 5 or 6 - I can't keep track. There's kids involved again. So, my uncle is in his mid 60s - you'd think he's figured out things by now. Apparantly not. This one's leaving him with like $32,000 in credit card debt. My Mom apparantly wants to get back at the evil witch for hurting her baby brother by cutting out the kids.

Now, there's no love lost for this woman who is tearing apart our family at the expense of "finding" herself. But not buying the kids Christmas presents? Come on, that's just plain mean Mom.

Over my 30 something years, I have developed a survival tactic for staying sane in my family. None of them know what I really think. None of them know that my best friend is gay, that I loathe Mr. President Bush, that I secretly think my mother is the real evil witch. God, I hope she never finds this blog.

Back on the subject, I took an OPK today. At first I thought it was negative but now that it's dry I think it's close to a positive! I haven't ever been able to really see a peak when it happens - it's always in comparing them over the days that I figure out when the peak was. So I guess tomorrow will tell. Or I can hope that I caught the end of the peak and tomorrow my temp will go up. Anyway, we're off to watch a DVD before bed.

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