Friday, November 25, 2005

Closet Tester

I restrained myself from testing this morning but just barely. I woke up in the middle of a dream wherein I was hiding in the closet holding a paper cup (presumably containing pee?) looking for my pregnancy tests. I hid them there a couple months ago to make it that much harder for me to test compulsively (no it doesn't work that well). Why I had to hide in there I don't know and it's certainly beyond me why I had to carry the cup of pee in there with me. Unfortunately I woke up before being able to see the result or even know if I found the tests.

Of course yesterday I had to endure the questioning looks at dinner when I declined wine. I know that speculation was rampant but I wasn't divulging anything in the way of information. I can only hope that by the next big holiday I'll have a solid reason for passing on the alcohol.

I'm to the point in the cycle where I always get really depressed. I think I should be having symptoms by now. With the Little Miss, I was having strange vivid dreams by 9DPO and I tested positive at 10DPO. Which is about where I am now. I'm not sure whether to count the closet testing dream as strange enough though.

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Lorem ipsum said...

Okay, it's Friday. You believe you O'd. What day is it? When do you think you'll test (for real)? SOMEONE GIVE HER A STICK TO PEE ON!!