Thursday, November 17, 2005

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Eggie

My temp was up again today. The rule is 3 temps above "coverline" indicates ovulation. I don't know what my coverline is (I'm not charting this month on Fertility Friend) but I'm pretty sure I've ovulated. If tomorrow's temp is in range of the previous 2 days, I plan to start self-medicating with progesterone. Yes, I know I should talk to my doctor about it. Truthfully, though, I don't want to see my doctor again until I'm at least 12 weeks pregnant. My research indicates that an OTC progesterone supplement won't harm and could possibly help. Since my miscarriage, I have fertile CM throughout my whole cycle, even after ovulation (TMI yet?!). I'm self-diagnosing this as a progesterone problem. Maybe it's not. But at least I feel like I'm doing something, anything.

I don't think it got much above freezing all day today. And the wind absolutely bit through you. I think Fall is officially over and Winter has arrived.

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I think it comes from growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast where the only two seasons are Hot and Hotter. I'd always see pictures of beautifully colored trees and think wistfully how nice it would be to enjoy four seasons. Granted, I'm a thin-skinned girl who can take 100+ degrees and 99% humidity somewhat better than 0 degrees and 4' of snow. But I still wouldn't trade it for a place with no seasons. I like going through different phases throughout the year - it just makes me feel more in tune with some deeper rhythm of life. Perhaps knowing that the dead of Winter is coming brings to mind that it is always followed by the rebirth of Spring and I suppose that gives me hope of things to come.

So, for the moment, I'm burrowing in my winter den: stocking up on the hot tea and bringing out the winter coat and hat. Dreaming of the Spring and hoping for the new life to come.


Lorem ipsum said...

Hey, what are you using for progesterone? Can you get it over-the-counter? I'm supposed to go on it next month - seeing my RE on the 13th for the Rx or whatever. I don't have a prog problem - well, low end of normal - but he figures, like you, that it couldn't hurt.

K. said...

I bought mine OTC from But it is only like 20mg. Whatever your RE prescribes will be much stronger I'm sure and probably do more good than the OTC creams.