Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I *think* I may have ovulated finally! My temp is a little ambiguous though. Little Miss woke up crying at 3:30. I decided to go ahead and take my temp, not knowing if I would have to get up with her. It was a very low pre-ovulation temp. I ended up going back to sleep and waking at 6, my regular temping time. At that point, my temp was very comfortably in the post-ovulation range. If I hadn't taken the earlier temp, I would have never questioned it. But now I'm wondering.... Did I actually ovulate sometime in the early morning hours and my temp shot up just like that? I wasn't sleeping under any more covers than usual. I don't know. But I've decided to stop the robitussin for now and also the green tea. Tomorrow's temp will tell me for sure. But I did have a positive OPK yesterday and I might have had ovulation pains last night. So we'll see.

The movie of choice last night was Batman Begins. I'm not a huge Batman fan, but I'll have to say I liked this. Although they could have cut out 75% of the car chase scene; gotta keep the guys happy I guess. I liked Christian Bale in Reign of Fire but I'm not sure he's "the" Batman. The movie was a little on the scary side for my tastes - I don't like anything even remotely scarry. And the scarecrow mask and drugs made it a little creepy.

I'm happy to say that we got most of the painting done last night. Except for the back door which is off the hinges in the garage. J insisted it would be easier to paint that way and I have to admit he was right. But we probably could have timed it a tad bit better than the night of the first arctic cold front of the season. Good thing we have a storm door!

Speaking of cold, it's a windy, blustery day and I've already seen snow flurries here in central Ohio. Definitely the kind of day to just stay inside and drink hot chocolate and maybe take a nap. And dream sweet dreams. About sweet babies to come.

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