Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Heat Is On

Well, my temp was still down this morning. Where's that damn egg? On top of that, the last two times, J has had what I can only term as "performance problems". He gets there eventually but I think he's rather feeling the pressure. He told me this morning he's feeling old. He's never had this problem in our 9 years of marriage. As if we didn't have enough issues!

At any rate, I think I got a peak OPK this afternoon. Here's hoping for a temp rise in the morning.

Tonight we're painting the kitchen. Or, I should say, completing the kitchen painting. We remodeled this past summer (8 weeks without a sink - don't get me started!) and there was some lingering touchup work to be done. J wants to do a holiday party thing this year so I took advantage of that to put out the ultimatum: no painting, no party. Hopefully it'll only take us an hour or so tonight.

We watched an awesome movie last night called Sahara with Matthew McConaughey. I have to say that man is growing on me. I don't know if it's the southern accent or the baby blues that do it for me, but I wouldn't mind meeting him some day.

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