Friday, November 18, 2005

The Countdown is On

Finally got my third high temp so I'm considering myself to have officially ovulated for this cycle. Now we start the countdown to the POAS party. My research on progesterone tells me that it can prolong the luteal phase and some women don't start until stopping the progesterone. Plus I am trying aspirin and Vitamin B Complex to try and lengthen my luteal phase. So I am going to test on 1 December and we'll see. It's funny: at the end of every cycle since my miscarriage I have sworn up and down that the next month I wasn't going to chart or even "try" and I certainly wasn't going to do a countdown to testing. And every month I realize that deep down I can't give up that easily. And I know that the charting will be invaluable should I end up going to a specialist, which I plan to do at the start of the new year. Unless this cycle proves different.

Lorem wanted to know what kind of progesterone I was using. I got mine OTC from It's only about 20mg strong. Whatever an RE prescribes is bound to be much stronger and more effective.

J and I are off for a "date night" today. We're dropping the Little Miss off with her second favorite person (besides Mommy - what an ego trip!) and we'll go do a little shopping, see a movie, and grab a bite to eat. As usually happens with these dates, I am in the ambiguous phase of not being able to drink alcohol, so a margarita is out I suppose.

Speaking of movies, last night's choice was The Aviator. Weird guy, weird movie. Cool airplanes. Weird movie. They could have cut about an hour out of it and it would have been more bearable.

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