Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sure glad that's over

We had our Open House today. Sure glad that's over. Last year we'd only been in the house a few months when we had our First Open House and, although we're not sure of an exact count, there were probably in the neighborhood of 60-70 people. Probably more. This year, we might have topped 20. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. Especially since I ordered 150 cookies for the event. Does anyone know what to do with 100+ cookies that we don't really need?

At any rate, it was a good excuse to get the house clean and we did enjoy visiting with the few who showed up.

I actually went to church yesterday. I had intended to go to every Advent Mass but I realized while there that I missed the first one. Oh well. The Bible readings were about deserts and the priest said something that stuck with me: Sometimes you have to go through the desert to find God. I guess that's what I'm in right now: a dry, barren (pun not intended) desert. Sure is hot in here.

My BIL is a former OBGyn and I got to talk with him for a brief moment this afternoon. He has promised to give me a couple of referrals about where to go next. As soon as I get the names and figure out which ones are on the insurance I will be making an appointment with someone. It's good to feel like I'm doing something, anything to get things going. There were several older folks there today and 3 different people had to ask me when I was going to have another one. I can take it better from old people but it's still hard to smile and say something benign.

Well, it's amazing what a mess 20-someodd people can make. I'm thinking pizza for dinner. I sure ain't cookin' tonight.

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Trista said...

You could make up gift plates for neighbors, local senior centers, assisted living facilities, co-workers...

At least that's what I'd INTEND to do with that many cookies. Really, I'd probably just eat a lot of them.

OR, you could divide them out and freeze them and then just pull them out every once in a while for a family treat.