Friday, December 16, 2005


I remember when the Little Miss was just a wee thing and she would cry and cry and cry and cry and cry....., well you get the picture. It was at such times that I would seriously question my desire to be a mother. I got a stark reminder of that today. Not with the Little Miss but with the 7 month old daughter of a friend of mine.

My friend L wanted to do a bit of cross country skiing and J was game, so she dropped her daughter S off this morning and off they went. S was fine for about 10 minutes and then the realization set in: MOMMY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. At one point she was screaming so hard that she puked. Baby Einstein helped for a few minutes as did peek-a-boo in the mirror. But mostly she was just crying.

Don't get me wrong: I have never regretted having the Little Miss and obviously I want another one. But I could really do without all the crying of the first year or so. Thank god the Little Miss is very vocal and started expressing herself early. I may have to limit my sentences to 2 syllables and 3 words but at least she can tell me that she wants milk with her boots on and dolly in the chair.

What S wanted (besides her mommy) I will never know.

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