Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Birthday...

To me! Today is the big 37. Or, as a dear friend pointed out to me, only 2 more to go till the big 4-0. Thanks, T.

Ever since the Little Miss was born, I've had this fantasy that birthdays should be about the mother. We should have a big party celebrating the fact that a woman got that huge of an object out of that small of a passage. I think I should get the gifts on the Little Miss' birthday. I've not shared that with my mother. If we were closer I might even have given her a gift today. Maybe next year.

I have to say, December birthdays suck. My pet peeves are greeting cards that wish Happy Birthday right along with Merry Christmas. Yes, they do make such things. I've received a few in my life. Then there are the gifts that serve the dual purposes of both occassions.

Speaking of gifts, my only birthday gift this year is of the dual purpose type. J bought me a laptop a few weeks ago. Rather, I bought it with his best wishes. So I splurged and treated myself to Subway for lunch today. Went all out and even got chips and a coke.

Happy Birthday!

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Lorem ipsum said...

Happy birthday + one day! May all your wishes come true.