Monday, December 19, 2005

Signing Out

I'm sitting here waiting for the plumber to come. The problem with old houses is that it seems there's always something breaking. Maybe that's true for new houses too. Anyway, we have a bathroom that was added on about 15 years ago. The original owners left copious notes and it appears that they had problems with the toilet freezing early on. That was apparantly fixed but now it's the shower pipes that are on the fritz. So the very nice plumber man is making a stop here on his way home.

I'll be signing out till next week. The Little Miss and I leave tomorrow morning for a cross country trek to Houston. We'll stay for 8 days. Eight days of my mother. I hope I survive. I also hope that the Little Miss never writes that in her blog someday :-) I'm mostly packed although I did go today and buy the Little Miss her very own suitcase. I figured why stuff everything in mine?! I bought her her very own ticket so that I'd be assured of a place for the carseat; might as well take advantage of being able to check an extra bag.

So, I hope all you out there in BlogLand have a happy holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate. To me, this is a time to focus on family and happy times and you can do that regardless of what faith you profess or what religion you practice.

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