Sunday, December 18, 2005


I finally connected this morning with a hair stylist. I'm about the least photogenic person you'll meet but here's a snapshot of the new do:

The Little Miss and I just returned from a graduation party where I was finally able to corner my BIL for a talk. He's a former OB/Gyn (till the cost of malpractice drove him out of the business a few years ago) and I've been wanting to get his advice on what to do next. He advised me to go see a regular OB as they can do all the basic testing and it will most likely be covered by insurance. He recommended a few in Columbus but then he also mentioned a new doctor in our small town. She's pretty recently minted although she's been working at one of the large hospitals in Columbus for a while. The best thing about her is that she is in the OB practice with which my midwife is affiliated. So I could go to her and it would be easy to then transfer over to the midwife (thinking positively here!). I plan to make an appointment with her tomorrow.

The other interesting thing he told me is about some new research he learned about in a recent seminar. I have hypothyroidism and it was not really an issue with the Little Miss although I did have my Synthroid dosage adjusted numerous times upward during the pregnancy. BIL says that the newest research indicates that thyroid issues play a larger role in infertility and early loses than previously thought. So he said as soon as I get a positive HPT to start getting the thyroid tested right away.

For whatever reason, I'm feeling more hopeful and optimistic than I have in a long time. Maybe it's the magic of Christmas; seeing it through my daughter's eyes puts a whole new spin on life.

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