Thursday, September 07, 2006

Home At Last

We got back into town this afternoon. We had a nice visit with my aunt although I'm afraid we tired her out! Then we spent a few days with the parents of my good friend B in the mountains of NC. It was all fun but I'm tired and ready to get back into the routine.

So, I was doing just fine until Sunday. While at church with my aunt I had one of those sudden, depressing mood changes. I became totally convinced that I was miscarrying. I just knew I would get home to find blood in the underwear. What brings this on? I had good betas and nothing happened; it just came. It didn't help that Sunday afternoon I started cramping. Not terribly bad but I would have taken something if I hadn't been pregnant. It continued on all day Monday. And it was still there Tuesday. I felt like Jekyll and Hyde, trying to be a good guest and all the time thinking that any minute I was going to start bleeding. Tuesday morning I left a message for the RE that I had some questions. I missed their return call Tuesday evening and the nurse left a message that she was assuming I was calling to get my beta results but she couldn't find them. As an aside, they wanted me to get one more beta, to get over the 1000 mark. So I left another message (rather tearful towards the end I'm afraid to admit) that I was having cramping and that I really needed to do an earlier ultrasound for my own peace of mind. That night we were finally able to get on the internet where I learned that cramping at this point is quite common and, as long as it's not accompanied by bleeding, it's not really a cause for concern. I also learned that it can be caused either by the uterus stretching or also by other factors such a dehydration. That made perfect sense to me since the whole trip I had not been drinking anything but sweet tea (hey, it's the south!) and not much at that. So that night I started drinking water and lots of it and guess what: by Wednesday I wasn't cramping anymore. I finally got a return call from the RE's nurse Wednesday morning and she agreed to schedule an earlier ultrasound for the 18th when I will be almost 7 weeks. I still can't quite figure out why they are so reluctant to do them any earlier. But so be it. She said I could talk to the doc at that point about doing more but she didn't think it would be a problem. Since they're my only option at this point, I'm dealing with it!

So that was my "vacation"! It got more relaxing the last day. I think if I had been able to consult Dr. Google at the start of the cramping I would have been much better off mentally. As it is, only 11 more days till my ultrasound and I should have the results of my latest beta tonight. Hopefully that'll be enough to buoy me for 11 days!

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