Friday, September 08, 2006


Did I just say yesterday I wasn't having any symptoms?!! I remember with G: I got an early positive but didn't have any symptoms. After a while I actually started praying for some nausea or something! Sure enough, right at 6 weeks I started getting afternoon sickness but nothing really bad. Of course, this time around I've been on symptom-watch as well and the nausea finally showed up today. Gee, I could have done without that particular symptom. Things have also definitely slowed down in the plumbing department today. According to Dr. Google that's a result of increased progesterone. So hopefully those suppositories are doing some good. So now I've got the dilema of needing to drink some apple juice but there is no way in creation that that stuff is going to pass my lips at the moment. I also really need to make dinner but the thought of that just brings tears to my eyes as well. Tears because those symptoms have finally shown up. And I'm relishing every moment of them. Really I am.

I was surfing today to see when you can expect to see the heartbeat on an ultrasound. Seems like 6.5 weeks is a common point but I'm not going to hold my breath given my retroverted uterus. Anyway, I came across one web page where you could ask questions of an ultrasound tech and she said sometimes she will have patients with inconclusive ultrasounds that need to wait a week for the next one. She said she always tells them that there's nothing to be done but wait and that they should enjoy every moment they can with their baby. Maybe the next ultrasound will be bad news but they've got the baby for now. I'm really trying to find encouragement in that. My last pregnancy was most likely a blighted ovum that never really progressed very far in developing a baby. My hormone levels also never got over 5000 with that one. With this pregnancy, given my high levels, I feel like I can say that there is a developing baby in there. I may or may not get to the point of giving birth to this baby. But I've got him or her right now and so I'm trying to enjoy the moment of that. Even if I'm enjoying it from the bathroom floor!

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Tendersoul said...

I am waiting with you - one day at at time. :)