Wednesday, September 27, 2006

8w2d: Ultrasound #2

Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments about the ultrasound! It went great and everything still looks great. When I saw the little heart beating away, I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding! The baby measured 18.2mm, up from 11mm. After the ultrasound I realized that all the other ultrasounds I've had in the past always put days and weeks to the measurements but either this machine or this doc doesn't do that. So I'm taking his word for it that that's good growth. He tried to get rid of me again and I told him I needed one more ultrasound. I could tell he was somewhat put out at that. I think it wasn't so much at having to see me again. I think his vanity was offended! I mean, he told me that I was all patched up and that the baby is looking great but that apparantly is not good enough for me! I told him he might have fixed me down here (pointing to my uterus) but not up there (pointing to my head). I don't care much for his bedside manner but I'll put up with it one more time. I've got pictures but can't get to the scanner just now as I'm doing my progesterone (only 2 weeks to go on that!). One neat thing on this ultrasound was that he flicked a switched that showed blue and red to indicate blood flow. You could see the baby's heart all lit up (which we saw last time), but this time you could also clearly see the umbilical cord and placenta lit up.

Things are looking good. I'm encouraged. It won't be too awfully long before I brave my closet to pull out my maternity pants. I'm starting to think about whether I want to go back to the OB who diagnosed my septum or try out the midwife. I don't know how long the optimism will last but for now it feels awfully good.


Lorem ipsum said...

Hooray! Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Relieved along with you!

Josefina said...

Yeah!! I deliberately got into the internet hoping to find your update and I'm SOOOO happy that everything's so fine!!

I agree with you, if you'll feel calmer with an extra u/s, go for it! no matter what ugly face your doctor puts!!

Well, countdown starts now, for the 12 week milestone! I'm sure time will fly!!!

I'm really really very happy!!!!
(amazing how your u/s was affecting me!!)

BBC said...

Yea! I was dying to know! Checking your page all day until I had to leave for a dinner engagement. I just knew everything would be great. I was going to post info about CRL but looks like you found a resource.

I hope you start to relax more now. I know it is gard. I don't think I truly, truly relaxed until I felt movement at 16-17 weeks.

But hang in there and I think you should truly start to celebrate! :)