Monday, September 25, 2006

8 Weeks

Really, there's not much new to write. The nausea and constipation continues. I discovered this weekend that laying down a lot helps a little with the nausea so I spent almost the entire weekend in bed. My house looks like a tornada hit it; I haven't picked up anything but basic chores in the kitchen for days now. This morning I felt well enough to go out and run some errands while J took G out to the park. She's been such a good little trooper; she takes care of me by bringing me blankets and smothering me with stuffed animals. We sit and read a lot of books and do a lot of puzzles. Did you know that morning sickness can continue to 16 weeks of pregnancy and beyond? I'm too afraid to even contemplate that fact right now.

We have another ultrasound Wednesday evening. Of course, I'm already getting worked up about it. If I go another 10 days after this one, that will put me right at 10 weeks. I haven't decided yet if that will do me or if I'll ask for one more. Probably the latter but I still have time to think about it I suppose.

I wish I had more interesting stuff to report. Only 52 hours till the next ultrasound!

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Tendersoul said...

I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have morning sickness. I still think that was due to all the Diabetes medication I was on. I spent a lot of time being nauseous the first few years, but I eventually got used to it and learned how to suppress it. So, if I did have morning sickness, I probably wasn't able to tell a difference.

I know you are on a rollercoaster. I'm still hanging in there for you. Looking forward to hearing about your ultrasound!