Friday, September 29, 2006

8w4d: Still Here

Yesterday was another rough one. It's like a chicken and the egg thing: does the nausea build and I subconsciouly let G push my buttons because I know it's coming? Or does she push my buttons which triggers the nausea? At any rate, seems like my worst days revolve around her worst days. The funny thing is (knock on wood) every morning I manage to wake up feeling just fine at the start of the day. Knock on wood. I don't know how well I'd make it if I didn't get that little break.

Last night my good friend JE called, all excited. She has been working as a Labor & Delivery nurse at the local hospital for several weeks now and scoping out my choices for delivery. They are pretty limited: 4 OBs and 1 midwife. At first she told me the new OB guy was the best, but after much thought I decided I just wouldn't do well with a male if there were other alternatives (yeah, I've got issues!). So it was down to the female OB who diagnosed my septum and the midwife. I wrote about my issues with the midwife earlier this year in the midst of my second m/c. But I really didn't have enough information about her to make an informed decision. Yesterday JE got to be the nurse with the midwife and she couldn't stop talking about how great the midwife was. She said most definitely that I should make an appointment with her and seriously consider her. It was such a relief to hear that. I really, really want another midwife delivery. Hopefully things will continue to go smooth and I'll get it.

JE also told me that this couple with the midwife also had a doula assisting. I never really considered a doula with G since I was using a midwife. But I can see the value in it, especially since, with just one midwife, there's a slightly higher chance that I'd end up having to be delivered by someone else. Plus, you can never have too many people on your side. In retrospect, I probably would have benefitted from one with G's delivery. So I am planning to contact this doula too and scope her out.

I think I will wait till after the next ultrasound to call the midwife for an appointment.

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