Thursday, July 06, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

I'll admit it: I'm a home-body. I appreciate being able to travel and see new places but at the end of the day I like being home amongst my own "things".

So my trip was nice. J and I spent some quality time together. It always amazes me that, even after almost 10 years of marriage, we can get into conversations where I learn something new about him. Talks where I find myself looking at him thinking "who is this man I married?". In that respect, it was a very successful trip. And hopefully successful in other ways as well! I still haven't gotten a peak on my OPKs. In fact, I just started into a new batch of them and am beginning to think they're defective. Always before on this brand I would get a line of a certain darkness when I wasn't surging. On these I'm barely getting any line at all, much less anything near a peak.

I don't write much about my passion for scrapbooking but I do feel compelled to blog about this. One of the company blogs I read is Making Memories. They recently held a drawing to receive a new product they were introducing. Believe it or not, I won this, both the roller and the tote!!!

Can you believe it?! I never win anything!!! At almost $200, this was quite a lavish gift to win. A while back I wrote about a dream I had of paring my life down to the barest essentials. In my dream, I bought something like this scrapbook tote and packed all my supplies into it. Ever since that dream, I've covertly looked around at similar ones. In a way, winning this kinda scares me because I sort of wonder what else about the dream will come true. At any rate, I'm truly amazed to have actually won this and it makes me think that perhaps good things do happen to undeserving people sometimes.

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