Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I almost didn't take an OPK today. I mean, I've never ovulated later than CD20 in a normal cycle. But I was afraid I'd feel pee-on-a-stick-withdrawl if I didn't pee on something. So I peed and promptly threw it on the counter as usual because it always takes at least 5 minutes to show up something, even if it's a positive. Imagine my suprise as I happened to look down there and see 2 big pink lines within seconds. Sometimes in the past I've had my doubts whether I'm getting a positive and I wait till the next day to see how that one compares. No such doubts with this test. So.... Now I of course have a new fear: that ovulating so late will produce a poorer quality egg. I know there's studies that corelate late ovulation with increased m/c. And, no, there's no way that I can not dwell on this possibility for the next 2 weeks. Or 38 if I get lucky. At any rate, here's hoping for a temperature rise tomorrow so that I can get off this roller coaster and on to another one.

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