Friday, July 28, 2006

Patience is a virtue

CD38, 15DPO, AF no where in sight. I keep telling myself that the progesterone is just lengthening my LP and I just have to be patient. Patience was never my strong point.

The nap/no nap thing is not going so well. G woke up with a stuffy head today and by 2pm she was so ready for a rest. So I did something I've never done: I laid down with her on my bed and tried to convince her to "rest". That's apparantly a hard concept for a 2.5 year old. But at some point I realized that I had drifted off to sleep and I looked beside me and she was fast asleep. After she got up I took her downstairs and turned her favorite movie on while I took a shower. When I got out of the shower she was laying back on my bed. Guess that was a quick habit to create and probably a hard one to break! She only slept an hour but would have slept longer had I not been there to coax her awake. She resisted mightly; she's like me in that she likes her sleep. So I'm hoping a one hour nap didn't do too much damage to tonight's sleep.

I bought a new phone last week (yes, if you've been keeping track: this is my third new one since May!). But I actually like this one, finally. It's a "multi-media" phone with a slot for an extension memory card. I looked around for one to buy and decided that 2GB was not that much more expensive than 1GB so of course I went for the bigger one. I received it today but it's looking like some phones just don't support over 1GB cards. Just my luck. Anyway, the phone I have now is an LG MM535 and I'm absolutely loving it. It's a little bigger and heftier than most phones these days which is what I like. I can put it on my shoulder and talk and not feel like I'm going to break it!

I finally started a project today. About 12 years ago, back in my wild 20s, I up and quit my job and went to the Middle East for a year to work on computers at a mission hospital. That's another story for another day.... But, as you can imagine, I came home with tons of pictures and memorabilia and promptly put them all in a box. Over the years I've pulled them out and looked through them but could never convince myself to undertake the task of organizing them and putting them in albums. Sound familiar to anyone?! I've been thinking about them a lot lately and last night I had an epiphany of sorts. I've always thought about the project being huge because I would have to reconstruct an entire year and there were so many pictures there! But last night I realized that I don't have to put every single picture in an album. Instead, I decided to do a series of themes: People, Places, Experiences. I spent today sorting the huge pile into those themes and it's amazing how much more mangeable the project seems now. I weeded out over half the pile of photos already because they didn't relate to my themes. I'm actually excited now about seeing this album take shape.

Must make myself go to sleep now. Napping definitely throws off my adult clock!

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