Friday, July 21, 2006


I posted this past week about scrapbooking. If it sparked any interest in you at all (and you don't have a resident scrapbooker like Tendersoul to do it for you!), get yourself to your local JoAnn's next week. They have a sale on scrapbooking stuff starting Sunday the 23rd, running through Aug. 4.

Their albums are 50% off meaning you can pick up a nice 12x12 post-bound album for less than 5 bucks. They come with 10 page protectors meaning you can make 20 pages. These albums can accomodate way more than that, so think about picking up an extra pack or two of refills. I've never seen JoAnn's put refills on sale but maybe I've just missed it.

If you want to go beyond the white paper in the albums, check out the paper aisle. They have all their "Open Stock" paper (single sheet) for 20 cents each. You can get patterned paper or single color cardstock. They also have "Stacks" on sale which are a collection of patterned papers. These are nice because they usually all coordinate with one another so you don't have to decide about matching colors. Just make sure you like most or all the papers in the stack; otherwise it might not be such a great deal.

If you would like to add stickers, all their stickers are 40% off.

The papercrafting tools (scissors, paper trimmers, etc) are all 30% off.

These are about the cheapest prices you will find, especially for the albums. If you don't have a local JoAnns, I assume these prices are also good online, although the shipping may cancel out the bargain.


In other news, I'm counting down the hours till I start testing in the morning. I am far enough removed now from the whole ovulation-or-not debacle that I seem to have forgotten that I don't really think I ovulated so there's really not much point in testing. It's a pity when your brain betrays you so and allows your heart to get hopeful because if you can't trust your own brain, what else is left?

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