Sunday, July 16, 2006

I started

My temp was up last night so I decided to just go ahead and start the progesterone. I figure that lengthening the cycle by a week or two at this point is not going to kill me. And I did, after all, just write a post saying that my few regrets in life are things I didn't do so it suddenly made sense (in the 3am haze) to just start the d*mn progesterone. I have to do it every 12 hours and lay down for 20-30 minutes which means doing it during G's nap in the day and in the wee hours of the night.

Lorem said that her RE says that temping is just a way to drive oneself crazy. Which I wholeheartedly agree with! Still, I persist because now I'm really curious to see if future cycles are as weird as this one. They say that after every pregnancy your system changes and it could be that I'm just experiencing the new norm. At any rate, I'm in the habit of temping but I think in future I will start the progesterone based on my positive OPK.

Today we went to a "Steam Show" which was basically a convergance of hundreds of antique steam engine tractors. It was rather interesting although never in my life did I think I'd be willingly standing in the hot sun watching a tractor pull. G had fun: everytime she saw a tractor (which was quite often of course) she'd point and wave wildly and yell "TRACTOR"! At one point we saw an ambulance and fire truck pull in. Turned out a little boy (I'd say he was about 3) was checking out a tractor and got his finger stuck in a hole and the fire department had to come get it out. I laughed but then I suddenly realized that it could have very easily been my Little Miss. I probably would still be laughing but only after they'd get her finger unstuck!

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Lorem ipsum said...

Oh - and by the way, after you start the progesterone, temping is useless because it will make your temperature go up whether you've ovulated or not.

I hope you have none of the crazy side effects! How does it feel?