Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cost of the Septum repair surgery

I think I wrote before about how much my surgery cost. I can't find that post off-hand but I thought I'd better update the amount with the bill I just got in the mail since it almost doubles the cost of the surgery! Turns out I was missing the bill from the actual surgery center. With that one, the amount billed comes out to about $10,500. The negotiated insurance amount is a little over $8000. My out of pocket expense? $875! Turns out they covered 100% of most of the surgery center's bill which was wonderful considering that the bill was over $6500.

The latest in my HSG insurance saga is that someone at the insurance company finally took pity on me. A supervisor left a message yesterday asking me to have the OB fax the pertinent records to her and she will send them to an in-house department. I got the impression that they can look at the records and recommend the correct coding. So I talk to Linda in billing who says that all she will send them is the report that has her code on it. The same code that got me denied in the first place. WTF?! And she sounded like she couldn't be bothered to fax it directly to the insurance company; I can just come pick it up, thank you very much. So then some divine enlightenment comes over me and I have the presence of mind to ask her if I can just get a copy of all the records that the office has for me. That stumped her. I don't think she thought I'd ask for that. But, of course, she can't deny me that. So I'm off to sign a release for them to copy everything and I will just take matters into my own hands from this point.

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