Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stupid Mistakes, Being Two, and Names

About a week ago, my dehumidifier in the basement died. No warning. Just went kapoot. Well, it has been somewhat broken for about a year now and I've actually been meaning to replace it. It worked but you had to tip it over for the water to run out just so. Otherwise it would fill up and it was beginning to rust. Anyway, I went down the other day and it just wasn't working. I flipped all the switches, moved it around, even gave it a (gentle) kick. Nothing. So I went and bought a new one. Last night we lugged the new one down to the basement and set it up. Then I went to unplug the old one........ Duh..... Trouble-shooting step # 1: check the power. Yup, the old one still worked; it just wasn't plugged in. We decided to keep the new one anyway.


When you are a young, single person, the question everyone feels entitled to ask is "When will you get married?" When you finally do, the pertinent question is "When will you have a baby?" When you finally do have that baby and the baby turns two, the question that people seem compelled to ask is "Have you potty-trained yet?" I'm still unsure why complete strangers feel that they can ask details about my daughter's bathroom behavior. And I'm really tired of explaining that, even though she is probably perfectly capable of doing her business in the potty, this point in her development is just not the time to introduce something that she can turn into a battle of wills. So my new answer is going to be "We're working on it".


I found this site while surfing today. You type in a name and it shows you a graph of how popular that name has been since 1880 based on social security records. It's interesting to look at different names.

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