Saturday, June 24, 2006


The nurse finally called me back yesterday and said the doc didn't want me to do the CD3 FSH bloodwork. I don't really understand why he wouldn't run all the possible tests just in case. But I have an appt Monday and she said he would go over with me what bloodwork he wants for the rest of the cycle.

I don't know if the septum repair surgery radically changed things but this was one of the most painful periods I think I've ever experienced. It wasn't cramps; it was like the most painful gas pain you could imagine. Is this common for anyone else during their periods? I'm assuming it was something to do with the surgery but I guess I'll ask the doc about it. It was also a very short period which rather concerns me. I went ahead and started the low dose aspirin and I hope it will help.

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Lorem ipsum said...

Can't help you there - my RE had me on birth control pills that cycle to reduce the amount of blood. (Never mind I spotted the rest of the cycle.)

Good luck...