Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Happy Happy

I was so incredibly excited late last night to read Lorem's wonderful news: she's finally knocked up again!!!

I first came across Lorem on the message boards at Fertility Friend after I had my first m/c. She had had her first one not too long before that and she was very active on the boards dispensing wisdom and advice from her experience. It didn't take me too long to start reading her blog and coming to the conclusion that I really wasn't alone. Then she had her second m/c. Then she was diagnosed with a septum and had that fixed. The story began to sound strangely familiar as it mirrored my own. Now she's pregnant. For some odd, strange reason, it gives me a ray of hope as I sit awaiting the next cycle to start so that we can start trying again too.

Last night I watched a wonderful Judi Dench movie called Mrs. Henderson Presents. Dench is one of my favorite actresses and this movie did not disappoint. It was wonderfully funny.

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Lorem ipsum said...

Don't know if you saw, but I had a scare yesterday. But thanks for the happy vibes - may the reason continue!

Dame Judi is SO COOL. She was on an old TV show that my husband's grandmother always seemed to be watching (in reruns) on Sundays when we'd go to see her. She died in March, but of course our affection for Judi Dench continues.