Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Plan, does someone have a plan?!

Well, that was a quick call back. The nurse said that I needed to use an OPK and then the day after my surge start prometrium and low dose aspirin. He had mentioned the aspirin at the consultation appt; I think he does that as a standard procedure. She said I should take a test 12 days after starting the progesterone and stop if it's negative. I figured I would cross the bridge of a blood test later. Then she said that was it. I was like, that's it??? Geesh, I can go to my OB for the progesterone. I told her that at our consultation he had mentioned doing routine bloodwork to make sure there were no other issues. She said she didn't see anything about it in his notes. I mentioned doing the CD3 FSH and she said they don't routinely do it but he may want it due to my age. So she's going to talk to him tomorrow when he's in and see. Then she asked if I'd been back for a post-op followup and I admitted I hadn't. So we scheduled an appt for Monday. I figured it would be a good chance to discuss with him exactly what he would test this cycle and also to mention my concerns about confirming things with a bloodtest.

So, I still don't know a whole lot except that I get scared everytime I think about this cycle. I remember back when I used to troll the FF message boards, there was a lady who always had a pregnancy ticker and would reset it at the start of every cycle. So, sometimes it would say something like "I am 0 weeks pregnant". I don't think I'm quite that optimistic. I'd like to be but I'm not. Of course I just looked at J's schedule and he leaves for a 3 day trip on CD14. So I will probably have to work out a visit to him just in case. It seems so quick: there's next week and then the week after that will be time. Who knows, I could be 0 weeks pregnant today!

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Josefina said...

I think you're off to a good start!! Optimism sure can do lots of good things to us, if we really do believe!!
And what do you know, that "furtive visit to J" might turn out to be a nice romantic getaway!!!!
Best of wishes!!