Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Sky Is Falling

I'm not sure my mood could get much blacker than it's been the last few days. Most cycles I don't have a noticeable problem with PMS. Then it comes from nowhere out of left field to give me a double whammy to make up for lost time. And the roller coaster ride is one hell of a trip. Over the last few days I've vowed to both have no more kids and to have 2 more kids. Depends on which minute, no second, you ask me. J got home last night and all I can say is that we're semi-speaking this morning. After almost 10 years of marriage I have long given up the hope that he can understand that my moods are controlled by and large by uncontrollable hormones. All he knows is that he's not getting any right now and so life just generally sucks for him. I told him if he's lucky in a few days I'll come down on the side of having at least one more and he might have some work to do. If he's lucky.

Anyway.... yesterday I finally got a phone call from the OB's office. This was 14 calendar days / 10 working days from the time I left my first message. The lady left a message saying she had just talked to my insurance company. She said it like she was very proud of herself for actually calling them and then calling me right away. Or maybe I misinterpreted the whole tone. At any rate, I'll be drafting up a letter to the office manager letting her know my story. I don't expect them to do anything to make it better for me; it's way too late for that. But there's a lot of things they can do to make it better for future patients. And I think they deserve to know that. Or at least the future patients deserve that I should try.

The bottom line of the message was that my insurance company simply does not cover an HSG. Even though it's a diagnostic test for infertility and they supposedly cover diagnostic testing. So what, might I ask, is left? They wouldn't pay for the sperm analysis and they won't pay for this. Unless I'm missing something really big, besides bloodwork, there's not a whole lot of testing to do to determine infertility. It just makes me mad that they'll shell out money for birth control and they'll probably even pay up for terminations but they won't pay for the basics of diagnosing and correcting problems. I mean, if I kept trying to get pregnant without knowing about the septum, the chances are very high that I would continue to have miscarriages and the chances are also very high that most of them would require a D&C. So how is it not more financially advantageous for them to pay to correct my problem? I know, it's a losing battle and I'm preaching to the choir. I'm just trying to vent some of my blackness here rather than on my family. I'm still going to try and get them to pay for the HSG. There are other routes I can take to protest this. In the meantime, I'll have to ante up the $1100 for it.

Oh yeah, did I mention that they just raised our insurance premiums? Again.

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Lorem ipsum said...

When I first went to work at the university I was laid off from last summer (got that?) they covered hysterectomies but not Pap tests. In other words, if you got cancer they'd remove your parts, but they wouldn't pay for the test that could save you from all of that.

Insurance companies are evil. I wish I were Canadian.