Friday, June 02, 2006

The best laid plans

One of the thorniest points of contention in my marriage is this: J always wants to be doing "something fun" and he always wants me to come up with all the ideas and do all the organizing. Mind you, this being expected from a wife whose ideal day consists of sleeping in, reading, and scrapbooking. Inside. All day. So J was so pleased with himself yesterday to come up with a "Plan" for today. He was gonna catch the 9 o'clock flight, we would pick him up at 10 o'clock, then we'd go get breakfast and eat it in the park. Then he and G would go for a run while I sat and read my book. It's a plan we've done before and it actually works well to combine our interests.

So I get up this morning to the sound of heavy rain and my phone ringing. J says the 9 o'clock is oversold and overweight so it's likely he won't get on. And, oh yeah, it's running about half an hour late. From G's room I hear more coughing as she has been congested and feverish all night. Plans just weren't shaping up for the whole park thing.

In the end I drove twice as long as normal through heavy rains and picked J up at almost 11. We went and had Mexican and then on the way home we stopped by SIL's office to get G checked out. Of course she was like the car that doesn't make the weird sound for the mechanic: she was running around, squealing, having the usual amount of fun she has seeing everyone at the office and running in and out of the chart stacks. SIL says it's just a normal summer cold but if the fever persists more than 3 more days we'll give her something.

So that's been our day. Not at all what we'd planned. You'd think I'd be used to that by now....

Speaking of plans, we've got some vacation coming up the end of September and I'm thinking to ditch the kid for a week and explore Nova Scotia. It'll have to be a light trip since, of course, I'm planning to be several months pregnant by that time. Anyway, has anyone done any travelling up that way? Any insights or suggestions?

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Josefina said...

Hi there! I hadn't had enough time to read blogs this past week, so now I'm catching up!
I'm so glad that everything turned out so fine with your surgery!
So now things go back to normal I guess!!!
But keep us posted, now we'll be together in the TTC journey!!
Good luck!!