Monday, June 12, 2006

Celebrating # 200

This is post # 200 for me. That made me think of the Bicentennial on July 4, 1976. I was 7.5 years old and my Mom made me a special Bicentennial dress that I wore to school for a parade. I was so very proud of it; can you tell? I guess she was proud enough of the dress to have professional portraits done. This may be the only professional one of me after the age of 2.

The weird dreams continue for me. Last night I discovered an attic; I think it was in the house of my childhood friend. It was filled with treasures from my childhood except that they were treasures I had never seen before. But the dream me seemed to remember them. You'd think if you were going to dream about things that were special to you, you'd actually dream about real things. Go figure. Anyway, I had lots of fun running around pulling out things and telling everyone why they were special to me. My whole family was there of course.

It used to be that weird dreams that I could actually remember were a definitely sign of pregnancy for me. Since there's not even the remotest possibility of that right now I guess it means either that I am changing or that I'm not sleeping well. Maybe some of both.

Anyway, happy 200th!

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