Thursday, June 01, 2006



I can't believe I'm about to post pictures of my insides for all the world to see. But I think they're pretty interesting and I'm sure someone out there will find them interesting too.

This first one is the view looking at the top of my uterus. I'm not sure if at this point they had already puffed it up with carbon dioxide or not. The doc did say that they did the lap first and saw right away that my problem was indeed a septum as opposed to a bicornate (heart-shaped uterus). The skinny brown thing in both pictures is some sort of hook thing attached to the lap.

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This one is a close up view of the left side. I've labeled it with all the interesting parts:

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Anyone else think that the ovarias are larger than what you would have thought? Anyone else amazed that that little ball of a uterus actually contained a 7lb baby at one point?

The labels are all according to my BIL who is a former OB and presumably knows what he's talking about. The only thing I take issue with is his explanation of what all that yellow stuff is. He claims that's fat. I'm maintaining that it's just yellow tissue.


Tendersoul said...

I have pics from my last two surgeries (not including the c-section). What is it with Docs and giving us pics now days!?

My ovaries had a lot of little cysts and one big one. Yours look much healthier than mine did, so I think you have a shot!

We are waiting anxiously!

Lorem ipsum said...

Did you know I used to be a medical and forensic photographer? Those pics didn't faze me, but yes, seeing those yellow blobs of... um... tissue on the video (I got a video of my surgery!!!) did bother me. My nephew even asked what they were, and like an idiot I told him. I'll never live it down.

Stick with the 'tissue' explanation.

ps I'm infinitely fascinated with the ovary. It looks so... ovarian.

trisomymommy said...

My doc offered me pictures after my lap and I was so grossed out that I glanced at them and told him he could just throw them in my file. (I have endo, so maybe mine were especially disgusting.) Now that I see yours, I think they're kind of cool. BTW, I had a cyst when I went through IVF and it didn't seem to matter at all. Wishing you well!